The Catholic Student Referral Scholarship

The Catholic Student Referral Scholarship requires the referral be made by a priest, sister, or other religious leader within the Catholic Church.

Your referral will help both the student and the College in its effort to recruit individuals who will benefit from the St. Scholastica experience.

The student will receive the following scholarship:

First Year Freshman--$300 annual scholarship; Application deadline: March 1 for students entering the upcoming Fall; or if a student has not applied by this deadline, it must be received within five (5) days of application. The student must be full-time to receive the scholarship.

Transfer Student--$300 annual scholarship; Application Deadline: Within ten (10) days after College application is received. The student must be full-time to receive the scholarship.

Extended Studies or Online Student--$300 maximum annual scholarship (based on full-time enrollment); Application Deadline: Before the start of classes in your first semester.

Limit of one Catholic Referral Scholarship per student, and it may not be used in addition to any other college referral program. This scholarship is for undergraduate students only.


Complete the on-line form below. Your referral will be submitted electronically. If you wish you may print out the form for your records.

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