Residential Advisor (RA)/Academic Role Model (ARM) Candidate Personal Reference Form

Name of Applicant
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 opens many student records for the student's inspection. The law also permits the student to sign a waiver relinquishing the right to inspect the letters of recommendation. By checking this box, the candidate constitutes a waiver; no check means that the student will have the right to read this reference.

The above student has applied for an Resident Advisor (RA) or an Academic Role Model (ARM) position at The College of St. Scholastica. RA's or ARM's are selected on the basis of demonstrated leadership, scholarship and desire to help students develop through group living in the residence hall. The RA and ARM is the representative of the Office of Residential Life and Housing who deals most directly with the hall residents.

1. Please indicate how well you know the candidate: (Check all that apply)
Know very well through personal contacts
Close family friend
As an employer supervisor fellow worker
Know fairly well through classroom contact
Know through College office contact
Do not know well enough to rate
Other, please explain
2. Please comment on your knowledge of the candidate's strengths/weaknesses in the following areas:
A. Relationship with peers:
B. Personal characteristics:
C. Leadership qualities:
D. Communication skills:
E. Awareness of self and others:
F. Additional comments:
3. Please discuss any reservations you may have about recommending this person for an RA/ARM position.
4. Based on my knowledge of this person as an RA/ARM candidate, I would rate him/her as:
Not Acceptable