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A Century of Saints

A Statement of Purpose


Welcome to St. Scholastica's Centennial History blog. Over the next 18-20 months, I'll be exploring St. Scholastica's rich history and traditions with a weekly post.

Who am I and what am I doing?

My name is Aaron Richner, and I work in College Communications. I write, gather, and organize content for the website. My office is T1606, across from the bookstore, so feel free to stop by if you'd like to chat. I've been working here for about 18 months, so I'm fairly new to the St. Scholastica community. I'm writing this blog as a seeker, looking for answers, and not as an expert. I'm excited to learn about St. Scholastica, and I'm interested in what the past will be able to tell me about the present..

I'm interested in stories.

These buildings are heavy with stories. You can see it in the 18-inch walls, the offices that used to be dorm rooms, the ornate fireplaces in meeting rooms, the ornate ceilings, the hardwood floors, everywhere. Thousands of alums have walked these halls and spent their formative years here. The monastery, the Sisters, the faculty, and the staff have worked hard and given much to make this school successful. I want to tell those stories, week by week, one by one.

I need your help.

I can't do this alone. I need the help of an interested, dynamic community. What do you remember? What are your favorite stories? Why is this place important to you? Who should I talk to and what should I ask about? What have I gotten wrong? Where am I off track? Share your thoughts in the comments section of this blog and help create something we can all enjoy.

Thanks for your interest!


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