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A Century of Saints

The Scriptorium


Scriptorium Masthead, 6-13-1934

First SubscribersIsn't that a great name? It sounds like a great, echo-y building that houses the collected knowledge of the ancient world, like the library of Alexandria.

It's also the name of St. Scholastica's first student newspaper. The first issue was published on January 13, 1932, and it published weekly through the 60's. Like the library of Alexandria, The Scriptorium is a record of the day-to-day happenings at St. Scholastica from some of the institution's earliest days.

Pithy Portrait, 11-25-1936In some ways, The Cable is the inheritor of the legacy of The Scriptorium, but in other ways, the mission of the older paper was much broader. In those days, communication took much longer. Phones were available, but certainly not in every pocket or every dorm room. Mail was reliable and dependable, but lacked the immediacy of e-mail or text messages.

There was no "social media", or rather, The Scriptorium was the form of social media of the day. You can see this in columns like "Pill Box," "Scrip-scraps," "Pithy Portrait," "Kampus Korner," and "Exchanges," a setion that featured news from other Catholic institutions. It was the main method of communication amongst the student body.

My favorite part of The Scriptorium is the ads. Many of them are for Duluth businesses that have long since folded, but here and there you'll spot names that are still around today, like Peterson-Anderson Floral, Minnesota Power, or Arco Coffee.

Scriptorium ads, 6-13-1934

The complete archives of The Scriptorium are available online in the College's publication database.

How to Bribe a BoyPill Box, 1939


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