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A Century of Saints

No Barriers: The Encore Program at St. Scholastica


St. Scholastica has a long tradition of educating non-traditional students. The ENCORE! program was launched 30 years ago, in the fall of 1981. It grew out of adult degree programs that St. Scholastica had started in the 1970s and was open to anyone over 23 or out of school for the previous 3 years. It was designed for people who were returning to school to complete a bachelor's degree and tailored to fit the demands that work, family and other obligations placed on such students.

The ADEP program and today's Online and Extended Studies programs are direct outgrowths of the ENCORE! program and owe much of their success to the lessons St. Scholastica learned in the development of the ENCORE! curriculum. 

In 1992, the College filmed a video documenting some of the success stories from the ENCORE! program. In just over 10 years, the ENCORE! program had grown to 40% of the College's enrollment and boasted over 1,000 graduates. It's an interesting look at how far St. Scholastica had already come in adult education and an indicator of how far we've come since.

photo: Pete and Tammi Myers are among the 150 ENCORE! students in the 1993 graduating class. From 10/1/93 Times Magazine.


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