Saints Well U Award

Do you know someone who exudes happiness with a healthy lifestyle…a person who exemplifies wellness to those who know them???

For example, do they regularly walk, hike, play sports or practice yoga? Have they recently kicked a bad habit such as using tobacco? Have they maintained a healthy weight loss? Do they cook healthy foods, recycle their waste? Does their healthy living incorporate a healthy attitude? Most importantly, do they not only live a healthy lifestyle, but encourage healthy habits in their friends, family and peers, leading by example???

The WELL U committee members will choose a winner for this SAINTS WELL U AWARD each month. The winner will receive an AWESOME prize and be featured on the Well U website and also in The Cable!

PLEASE TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO TELL US ABOUT THIS SPECIAL INDIVIDUAL!!!!!!! And remember, we are not looking for just looking for those who are already there, but those who are trying to get started working towards a goal!

We look forward to receiving your nomination! These nominations are due no later than the last Wednesday of each month and will be awarded on the first Wednesday of each month.

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