College of St. Scholastica

Financial Aid Application

In order to receive Financial Aid, you must ALSO complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You may apply on-line at Our FAFSA code is #002343. Students must complete the FAFSA and this Financial Aid Application every year in order to receive financial aid.

1. Student Information*Required Fields
*First Name:
*Last Name:
*Date of birth: (eg, 01/01/65)
*CSS ID #:
*Home address:
*Home phone:
*Driver's License Number/State:
*E-mail address:

2. Outside Funding

List all outside funding (employer reimbursement, outside scholarships, etc.) you expect to receive for the 2012-2013 school year. Please estimate yearly dollar amount.
1. $ 2. $

3. Enrollment Plan

YOUR AWARD IS BASED ON THE NUMBER OF CREDITS YOU TAKE.  Please note that financial aid cannot be awarded for Prior Learning Assessments (PLAs). Financial aid will be awarded for an internship only if you register for and receive credit for it.
Please tell us the total number of credits you plan on taking per semester/term for 2012-2013:
Fall Semester Credit
Spring Semester Credit
Summer Semester Credit
Fall 1 (8-week) courses 9/6 to 10/26, 2012 Spring 1 (8-week) courses 1/14 to 3/8, 2013 Summer 1 (7-week) courses 5/20 to 7/5, 2013
Fall 2 (8-week) courses 10/29 to 12/20, 2012 Spring 2 (8-week) courses 3/18 to 5/9, 2013 Summer 2 (7-week) courses 7/8 to 8/23, 2013
Semester-length (16-week) courses 9/6 to 12/20, 2012 Semester-length (16-week) courses 1/14 to 5/9, 2013 Semester-length (16-week) courses 5/20 to 8/23, 2013
Total Fall Credits: Total Spring Credits: Total Summer Credits:

If you are a CONTINUING student and you have received financial aid in previous years, you do not need to complete sections 4 & 5. If you are a NEW CSS student or this is your first time applying for financial aid at CSS,
please complete sections 4 & 5.

4. Previous College Education (include St. Scholastica if applicable)

List ALL colleges, trade schools, etc. you have attended, even if you did not receive financial aid or credit. List in order of attendance. Click the box beside "HS" if you were enrolled in that college while still in high school.

 Dates attended to

 Dates attended to

 Dates attended to

 Dates attended to

5. Minnesota State Grant Eligibility Questions

Eligibility for the Minnesota State Grant is limited to the equivalent of 12 quarters/8 semesters of full-time attendance.

Eligible students must be enrolled for 15 or more credits per semester in order to qualify for the maximum grant.

1. When did/will you graduate from high school or obtain a GED? Month: Year:
2. Name of the high school you graduated/will graduate from:
  City: State:
3a. Have you always lived in Minnesota? Yes
(skip 3b and 4)
(answer 3b and 4)
3b. If you answered "No" to question 3a:
Current state of residency:    
When did (does) your MN residency begin?
Month:      Year:
4. Have you lived in Minnesota for one full year without attending college?
Yes No

6. Signature
By clicking "Submit," I testify that to the best of my knowledge the information contained in this application is complete and accurate.

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