Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Club

Club Advisor: Brenda Kimlinger

Description: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is for all CSS Students! We exist because there are over 2,000 students on campus at Scholastica, and many of them dont know that God loves them deeply. We help students explore spirituality in college, grow as leaders, and grow in love for God, Gods word, Gods people of every ethnicity and culture, and Gods purposes in the world. We meet in small groups across campus to grow in community and primarily ask these questions: Who is Jesus? What did he come to do? And what does that matter for life in college and beyond? Our Small Groups are held throughout the week, and our Large Group gathering is held in Somers Main Lounge the 2nd Wednesday of every month. InterVarsity students come from a variety of spiritual backgrounds and no spiritual backgrounds, but everyone comes to ask questions and to engage with Jesus in the context of their spirituality. Contact us or find more info at