Justice Together

Student Contact: Mariah Trujillo

Student Contact: Josue Chino Cruz

Club Advisor: Dr. Brendan Miller

Description: Justice Together, a Center for Just Living club , is a club open to all Saint Scholastica students that promotes awareness and action against social injustices. We work to advocate for disadvantaged minority groups through empowerment, respect, commitment, resistance, and community. We meet once a week in the evenings. Meetings fall on Tuesdays, but may be changed to accommodate conflicting schedules. Justice Together educates its members and the community about biases and oppression experienced by minorities on a daily basis, in hopes of promoting equality and fair treatment for all. To fully embody St. Scholasticas Benedictine Values, we host a variety of events that promote social justice. We strive to improve the CSS community and improve diversity, inclusivity, and relations between students.