Native American Student Alliance

Student Contact: Alexis Edwards

Student Contact: Mary Schwend

Club Advisor: Alicia Cry

Description: The Indigenous/Native American Student Alliance strives to be a safe and engaging group for Natives and non-Natives on campus. The Indigenous/Native American Student Alliance provides a space for Indigenous peoples attending The College of St. Scholastica to connect and share our unique, authentic indigenous ways of knowing with each other and with non-indigenous peoples within the community. The Club meets every week in the Jimaan Abiwin (Canoe Room), with one week serving as an Language Table for students to practice our native languages, and the other week serving as a club meeting. The club also meets throughout the year for various cultural activities such as drum feasts, teachings, moccasin making, volunteering, etc. All self-identified Native students and non-Native allies are welcome to participate in club activities. Please contact us for more information or to connect with the club.