St. Scholastica Alumni and Sister Celeste Shoup Scholarship

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Scholarship Criteria

The College of St. Scholastica established the Alumni Scholarship Program for children of St. Scholastica alumni (or niece/nephew of an Alumni/Alumnus) in recognition of alumni as a valuable, permanent part of the College.

An applicant for the Alumni and Sister Celeste Shoup Scholarship must be the son/ daughter of a College of St. Scholastica Alumna or Alumnus (or niece/nephew of an Alumna/Alumnus). An Alumna/Alumnus is defined as "one who has received a degree from The College of St. Scholastica." Scholarships will be awarded by a committee each spring for the following academic year.

  • Applicant must be:
    • an entering freshman or new transfer student in the traditional undergraduate program; OR
    • a traditional undergraduate student (freshman, sophomore, or junior) currently attending the College.
  • Applicant must be accepted and know their CSS Student ID to apply (provided on the acceptance letter). **If you have not yet been accepted, we invite you to apply once you have been. Please contact Admissions or the OneStop with questions about your acceptance/ID.
  • Applicants must demonstrate potential for academic success including satisfactory GPA and/or class rank.
  • Recipients must be full-time students (12 or more credits per term).
  • Students must apply each year (scholarship will not automatically be renewed).
  • Applicant must submit the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) to be awarded scholarship.
Instructions for applying

Answer the following questions and essay explained below:

Indicate student status(check one):

Continuing CSS Student
Incoming Freshman
Incoming Transfer Student

Your relationship to CSS alumna/alumnus:
Son/Daughter of alumna/alumnus OR
Niece/Nephew of alumna/alumnus

Name of alumna/alumnus relative(include name while in school at CSS):
Alumna/Alumnus' Graduation Year:
Hometown Newspaper Information (for press release):

Application Essay

Provide a typed narrative (letter) in which you indicate your qualifications and financial need for this grant. The Alumni Scholarship is need-based and merit-based. The Sister Celeste Shoup Scholarship is need-based only. Use this narrative to provide the selection committee with information that your FAFSA may not show, e.g., extenuating family financial situations that might affect your eligibility for other financial aid or make it inadequate for your needs. Include your school and community activities, your career and personal goals, and your academic achievements.

You may type 1000 more word(s).

Additional Information
  • This scholarship will not automatically be renewed.  Students must apply each year.
  • Scholarships may be awarded to one student for up to three academic years.
  • Alternate recipients will be selected by the committee in case a chosen recipient declines the scholarship or becomes ineligible.
  • The Alumni Scholarship is not a loan and carries no legal obligation to be paid back. However, since this scholarship is made possible through gifts alumni have made to the College, the Alumni Association expects that recipients will help replenish and expand financial aid funds for other students after they have graduated and are able to give to the Alumni Annual Fund.
Applicant Information/Details

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Applicant's Statement
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