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Sister Monica Laughlin Music Scholarship

Application Form

The College of St. Scholastica Music Department invites students in all intended majors to apply for the Sister Monica Laughlin Music Ensemble Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate a high level of musical achievement and plan to continue that growth through participation in music ensembles at St. Scholastica. The scholarship is renewed each semester for students who continue to participate in choir, band, or orchestra.

Scholarships can only be offered to students who have been accepted to The College of St. Scholastica. In addition, the total amount of scholarships and grants cannot exceed the cost of tuition.

This application form is due 7 days before your intended interview date. Fill out the form and click Submit.

Supporting materials are due 7 days before your intended interview date.

  • Submit a video recording of yourself performing one or two selections that best represent your musical abilities and range of skill, up to 5 minutes long. Upload your audition recording(s) to YouTube, Google Drive, or another online hosting service and include the link in your application. If your recordings aren’t ready when you are submitting the application form, you can email the link (at least 7 days before your intended interview date) to
  • A completed recommendation form from your high school music director is required. The form will automatically be emailed to your director after you submit this application. Talk to your director and request that they fill it out at least 7 days prior to your intended interview date.

Music Department faculty and staff will review your application, recordings, and recommendation and will select applicants for interviews. You will be notified by email once your full application and supporting materials have been reviewed by the department.

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Applicant Information
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Recommendation Information

We will send an email to your recommender with instructions for filling out the recommendation form.

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Application Recording

You are required to submit a video recording of one or two musical selections as your audition.
If you are an All-State student, you only need to submit recordings if you intend to audition for additional scholarship money above the automatic award of $1,500.

Title and Composer of 1st Audition piece:

Title and Composer of 2nd Audition piece:

*You must do one of the following:
Link (URL) to audition recording
I will email the link to my audition recording to
I am an All-State Music Participant and do not intend to audition for additional scholarship money beyond the automatic $1,500 (the recording requirement is waived)
Scholarship Ensemble

Please indicate the ensemble you are auditioning for a scholarship in. (If you would like to audition for a scholarship in more than one area, for example, choir and band, you will need to submit recordings for both.)

*Instrument(s) or Voice Type:

String Orchestra

Interview Dates

Please list your preferred interview date(s). Visit the Music Scholarship webpage for the list of dates:


Intended Studies
Please list your intended major and minor fields of study.





Please list any contest ratings, awards or honors in music that you think will help the selection committee to understand your musical abilities.



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