President's Staff Update
Volume 12 - May 2012
President's Staff

We contain multitudes
We've been working to increase the diversity of faculty and staff to create a more welcoming, inclusive community for our increasingly diverse student body. We've developed a plan with strategies to grow fac-staff diversity from its current 8 percent to 12 percent by 2016. A salient feature: each hiring committee will have at least one member who has been trained in bias-free searches, selection and interview processes. Lots of other interesting particulars are elaborated here.

2013 holidays
The 2013 holiday schedule has been approved. From Martin Luther King Day on Jan. 21 through News Year's Eve on Dec. 31, see the dates here.

Optimizing ourselves
One facet of stewardship is to make sure that we're operating as efficiently as we can as an institution. We brought in an efficiency expert to do an audit of the College's operations, broadly defined. She was here for several days in early April and we've now received her assessment and recommendations. Each vice president is reviewing the parts relevant to her/his area. Stay tuned; we'll communicate the upshot.

Are you ready to rock?
The start of the new academic year in September is always a busy, joyous time. This fall will be even busier and more joyful. We'll be celebrating our 100th birthday Sept. 10 and making full use of our beautiful new Science addition's labs and classrooms. We'll even be resonating to a major new artwork – the sculptural centerpiece of Benedictine Commons, which is in place but under wraps until it's unveiled at Alumni Reunion in late June. Be ready for an exciting autumn.

Thank you, Lori!
As you know, our colleague Lori Collard has accepted the position of Vice President of Benedictine Sponsorship and Catholic Identity at Essentia Health. She led Human Resources for five years and her commitment, experience and personal skills served the College well. She finished last Friday and we miss her already! Jill Sikkink is serving as interim director of HR while we conduct a search for a successor, which is underway. We'll keep you posted.

The Last Word
President's Staff starts every meeting with a prayer or spiritual reflection. Our favorite in recent weeks came from Eric Berg, who read it on Tuesday, May 1, in honor of Lori Collard's last President's Staff meeting.

Prayer of New Beginnings

God of new beginnings,
We are walking into mystery.
We face the future, not knowing
What the days and months will bring us
Or how we will respond.
Be love in us as we journey.
May we welcome all who come our way.
Deepen our faith
To see all life through your eyes.
Fill us with hope and an abiding trust
That You dwell in us amidst all our joys and sorrows.
Thank You for the treasure of our faith life.
Thank You for the gift of being able
To rise each day with the assurance of
Your walking through the day with us.
God of our past and future,
We praise you.
The College of St. Scholastica

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What's Ahead
Summer enrollments look strong – a boost to the budget to be sure!
See you at commencement at 2 p.m. Sunday in Amsoil Arena at the DECC. Celebrate with our 788 candidates for graduation.
Have a great summer, everyone!