President's Staff Update
Volume 13 - June 2012
After the flood
Our sincere thanks to everyone who helped keep campus going with minimum disruption despite almost nine inches of rain. Many staff made their way to campus Wednesday although the College was closed for the day. Our special thanks go out to the Facilities crew, who worked hard to limit damage from the deluge, including suctioning water out of the Tower tunnel. The Facilities folks are still assessing potential damage; please let them know if you have any concerns or questions.

Re-imagining the College
How will free online courses offered by the likes of Harvard and Stanford impact the way we teach? How do we keep cost pressures from making the St. Scholastica experience only for the rich? How will we prepare our students for responsible living and meaningful work in the years ahead? In his May report to the Board of Trustees, President Goodwin challenged all of us who care about the College to re-imagine what it might look like in the future. We've begun discussions among faculty and staff. Interested in participating? Email for information on upcoming events.

Re-orienting Orientation…
Summer Orientation was transformed this year. Research showed we needed to focus more on community and helping students feel connected to this place. Megan Perry-Spears took a comprehensive, curricular approach based in learning theory, uniting the programming with an online component, welcome weekend and Dignitas. Nine well-attended sessions hosted well over 400 entering freshmen. "A number of families said it was the best they'd been to, families with three or more kids," Megan reports. "To me that's really a good sign."

… and ramping up Reunion
Don't miss this evening's unveiling of the Centennial sculpture in Benedictine Commons. The drapery drops at 5 p.m., with a reception beginning at 4:30. The rest of this weekend's Centennial Reunion looks fun too, with new programming including a Daisy Farm picnic, historical tours around Duluth, an art display, a revamped silent auction to benefit alumni scholarships, and lots more. You're welcome to all of it (register with Brenda Kimlinger at Registration is over 325, a strong increase from recent years, and there's a good crowd coming to the Agnes Somers Society breakfast on Sunday, which honors people who provide for the College in their estate plans.

Summer enrollment update
Nationwide, college enrollments are in turmoil. Despite the rough seas, St. Scholastica is navigating relatively well. For the fiscal year, enrollments and headcount exceeded budget goal – not by a large margin, but in this environment, making goal should be celebrated. Looking toward fall, we have some ambitious goals. Our target for Graduate, Extended and Online programs is 525. We have some work to do this summer to make it, but we're slightly ahead of where we were last year to date. The fall traditional goal is 485, and we sit at 491 deposited students. The fall transfers goal is 135; we are just behind last year's pace for deposits, but spot-on for applicants and slightly ahead for accepts, so we have a good shot to make that goal. More updates to come as the summer progresses.

Bye, bye, earplugs
We know you'll miss it dearly, but tuck-pointing is going away for a while. Potentially a long while. Weather permitting, the Facilities folks expect that the grinding, chiseling, sawing, sanding and all-manner-of-dust-making they've been doing to keep Tower Hall's stones from falling down should be done by mid-August and likely not start again for several years. Even then the scale is likely to be significantly smaller, unlike what's been going on this summer.

A big step next week
Dr. Lisa Larson will join the College on Monday to lead our new Center for Teaching Excellence. For the first time we'll have, in the words of Beth Domholdt, "someone who wakes up every morning and goes to work thinking primarily about how to improve teaching and learning here." Lisa has extensive experience in faculty development, particularly research-based teaching practices and integration of learning technologies. We nabbed her from UWS, where she was in a similar role.

The Last Word
A Collect for Guidance

O heavenly Father,
in whom we live and move and have our being:
We humbly beseech thee
so to guide and govern us by thy Spirit,
that in all the cares and occupations of our life
we may not forget thee,
but may remember
that we are ever walking in thy sight.

Adapted from "The Book of Divine Worship," a prayer book for Roman Catholic Anglican use.
The College of St. Scholastica

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What's Ahead
The new fiscal year starts July 1. If you have any questions about closing out current budgets, see your supervisor.
The traditional academic year (legacy academic year? heritage academic year? classic academic year?) starts Tuesday, Sept. 4 and we launch into Centennial festivities the very next week.