President's Staff Update
Volume 1 - October 2010
President's Staff

B2B sales and marketing
To help grow our Online Learning enrollments, the College has launched “Corporate Connection,” in which a contracted sales team helps build relationships with business entities around the country. Employees of participating businesses will be eligible to receive tuition discounts sponsored by their employer.
» For more information visit the Corporate Connection website.

The Rochester revolution
The St. Scholastica campus of tomorrow will debut in Rochester. The College has hired Touchpoint Retail, a Twin Cities-based architectural firm, to develop concepts for a meeting hub in a relaxed, café-style environment. The campus is scheduled to open in just in time for the January start.
» For more information contact Teresa Ipina.

Diversity training
Over the summer the members of President’s Staff participated in the Diversity Training offered by Diversity Services. All agreed it was an eye-opening experience that helps us better understand the issues and pressures faced by students and other members of our campus community. We are continuing to encourage participation by all faculty and staff.
» For more visit the Institutional Diversity website.

Institutional planning
The President’s Leadership Group exists to advise Dr. Goodwin on matters of strategic planning and governance. This year the group will work on the following Institutional Objectives:
  • Integrate the One-College philosophy regarding staffing and business processes
  • Focus campus attention on the Benedictine value of community
  • Increase efforts to create a culture of inclusion
  • Address concerns regarding communication, governance, performance management and leadership development.
» Learn who your ‘rep’ is on the PLG website.

The Last Word
President’s Staff starts every meeting with a prayer or spiritual reflection. Our favorite from September was offered by Jeff Rich. Here’s an excerpt from “Sense of Belonging” by Dyske Suematsu.

"Part of the process of defining who you are, is to find where you belong. It is ironic that after spending a whole decade trying to find your identity by struggling to belong somewhere, you find that to know who you truly are, is to know that you don’t really belong anywhere. That is, you are you; any differences or similarities that you see are only in your head. Anyone can be similar to you or different from you depending on which aspects you focus on...

"Life has a funny way of teaching us its essences. Often it is our own struggles that make us struggle. Eventually we realize that the footprints of the crook that we were chasing were our own. Only by stepping back and examining our own behaviors, can we see the big circle that we are running in. Eventually we realize that the pursuit of the sense of belonging was what was making us feel lonely."

The College of St. Scholastica

Community at St. Scholastica means that we promote a sense of togetherness and shared purpose. In that spirit, we offer a monthly briefing on deliberations and doings of the President’s Staff, along with a glimpse at what’s ahead.

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What's Ahead
The School of Business and Technology is considering a fully online undergraduate Management major…
Budgeting starts in November. Be thinking of your needs now, and lining up your evidence…
The Board of Trustees' annual fall retreat will be Oct. 27 - 29. The agenda will include discussions of strategic priorities, and an update on the campus master plan with financing options for the Science Center addition, new student housing and a student center. The Trustees will also reflect on our highlighted value of community, the Monastery's sponsorship of the College, and whether in the future the president of the College must be Catholic.