President's Staff Update
Volume 4 - January 2011
President's Staff

Straight from the prez
President Goodwin’s Mid-Year Address was a wide-ranging briefing on the College’s activities and plans in the areas of finance, enrollments, facilities, institutional objectives and more. To see the highlights go here.

Down in ‘507’ country
We’re pushing the re-start button on the Rochester campus’s look and feel. Starting next month our physical presence will be more in line with the new ways in which many people are seeking graduate and online education. See the design in this animation.

Kenwood can't hold us
Everyone who works on the Duluth campus knows that space is very tight. We’re considering whether some academic and/or non-academic operations could be moved off campus to alleviate the crunch and increase efficiency. This is being considered within the development of a comprehensive, long-range facilities plan for Duluth.

Speaking of space
A feasibility study for a Physician’s Assistant program will be completed this academic year. Space would be needed for classrooms, anatomy labs, and offices. Opportunities are being explored.

Sharing about shared governance
One of the many good outcomes of the mission/values survey is that we had a fruitful shared governance meeting with Bret Johnson, chair of the Faculty Assembly, Diane Anderson, chair of the Graduate Council, and Tom Zelman, chair of the Faculty Welfare Committee. They explained how faculty view shared governance, how they see it working at the College, and what they think could improve. We see it as the first installment of a continuing dialogue. We’ll also meet with deans later in February. All of these discussions are aimed at better communication and responsiveness on our part.

How to cultivate leadership
In response to the President's Leadership Group's request for leadership training, a task force is working with a consultant on developing a set of six to eight leadership competencies. All supervisors at the College will have a chance to participate in the process. The goal is to complete the list of competencies by April 1, in conjunction with the launching of the performance management system.

Serving students more efficiently
Work continues on the OneStop student services center, to be available for students by fall semester. A preliminary budget has been approved, which includes a project leader position, resources for financial aid and web development work, and consulting. Congratulations to Linda Rogentine, who has been named project leader.

The Last Word
President’s Staff starts every meeting with a prayer or spiritual reflection. Our favorite from January was brought forward by Joan Holter and was offered just after the New Year.

Eternal and Everlasting Creator:

As we pass through the gateway of another year
   fill us and our institution with
      old stories,
      new flexibility, and
      keen imagination
   for institutions are built firmest
   with the sticks and stones of the
   human spirit.

Remind us of the common graces that
make life worthwhile:
   Achievement with modesty,
   simplicity with sincerity, and
   wealth with sharing.

The College of St. Scholastica

Community at St. Scholastica means that we promote a sense of togetherness and shared purpose. In that spirit, we offer a monthly briefing on deliberations and doings of the President’s Staff, along with a glimpse at what’s ahead.

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What's Ahead
The President’s Leadership Group will meet on Feb. 8. Gary Boelhower will give a presentation on servant leadership.
The Board of Trustees’ winter meeting is on Feb. 11, with important discussions on sponsorship models and housing options among other topics. The lunch program will highlight our January study abroad experiences.