President's Staff Update
Volume 5 - March 2011
President's Staff

Planning for tough choices
In light of the shortfall in meeting our aggressive GEO growth figures, we’re carefully scrutinizing new budget initiatives. We’ll present a conservative FY12 budget for Board of Trustees approval at the May meeting. It will hold expenses and include contingency plans to deal with decreases in revenue and/or the Pell and State Grant programs. It’s worth noting that, even though growth projections have not been met, the College has done well, especially in comparison to peer institutions that have cut budgets and salaries. We're tracking to exceed 5 percent growth this year. We welcome your input here.

City gives the go-ahead
The city zoning issues that put uncertainty into the timeline for the Science expansion have been resolved. We should receive the necessary permits for groundbreaking within a couple of weeks.

More proud in Cloud
The College will offer the graduate Family Nurse Practitioner program and the Post-Baccalaureate Nursing program in hybrid formats at the St. Cloud campus. FNP will start this summer with a cohort of 12 students; Post-Bac this fall with a cohort of eight students.

Building a response to bullying
A Webinar on bullying in academia drew 40 faculty and staff back in January. In discussion afterward, it was agreed that we have bullying behavior on campus. The current Code of Conduct doesn’t address the topic; HR will begin work on one.

From now on it’s the ‘safety dance’
Alcohol use continues to cause problems at College dances, most recently Snow Ball. As a result, beer gardens will be banned from all future dances, and anyone who is intoxicated will not be allowed to enter. The College will allow only the traditional dances (Johnny Holm, Homecoming, Stockfestapalooza, and Snow Ball) and a minimal number of dances hosted by clubs for fundraising purposes.

Speaking of alcohol
Unfortunately, the Campaign to Reduce Student Drinking has had minimal effect on student behavior. A new program offered by the The Alcohol Prevention Coalition will be implemented. Incoming students will be required to complete an alcohol education program, and we’ll have access to research, a consultant, conferences, professional development seminars, educational tools, and tracking capabilities.

The Last Word
President’s Staff starts every meeting with a prayer or spiritual reflection. Our favorite recent offering came from Margot Zelenz and is by Larry James Peacock in his book “Openings: A Daybook of Saints, Psalms, and Prayer.” Its focus on the new year fits, since that’s the framework of our budget discussions.

Take me into a new year, Gracious God. Help me to continue looking for meaning, seeking peace, praying for light, dancing for joy, working for justice, and singing your praise. I go into the new year filled with expectations, a touch of worry and a bundle of hope. I do not journey into the new year alone but with you as my guide, with a commitment to my disciplines, with a community of family, friends and faith. Take me into the new year, Creator of beauty and wonder. Bless me with the companionship of Jesus, and gift me with the guidance and power of the Spirit. Amen.
The College of St. Scholastica

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What's Ahead
Larry McGahey is stepping down as dean of the School of Sciences at the end of this academic year. Luther Qson has convened an advisory group to help determine the process by which the next dean will be secured.
The printed course catalog is going away. We’ll print only 3,000 this year (down from 5,000 last edition) and will transition to online-only thereafter.