President's Staff Update
Volume 8 - October 2011
President's Staff

Enrollment ups and downs
We hit 4,000, an overall record. As expected, the 10-day count found us a bit below goal on traditional undergraduate and ahead with transfers. In terms of GEO we were on budget with headcount and overall ahead of projections on credit hours. The Marketing and Communications and Enrollment Management folks think they can bring in a strong "Fall II" start for programs that didn't make goal in Fall I, as well as make a strong run at meeting and exceeding the spring term goals.

Threats and opportunities
We did an environmental scan over the summer. Threats: the poor economy’s negative effects on all aspects of our enterprise, increased competition and governmental regulation. Opportunities: increased need for advanced degrees, a growing population of non-traditional students, our strength in health care, and a societal hunger for higher education supported by the mission and values of a religious tradition.

Beth goes to camp
Beth Domholdt has joined the Federal Prison Camp Community Relations Board. She's learning about possible connections between the College and camp, including educational programs for staff or inmates, clinical sites for health and behavioral science students, and employment opportunities for graduates.

It’s all coming together
Next spring we’ll wrap up the academic year with the Centennial celebration’s biggest community outreach event. Rebecca Skloot, author of “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks,” will speak April 18 at the DECC. Our first-year students read the book for Dignitas, and most loved it. Also on hand will be members of the public, since the Duluth Public Library is making the book the “City Read for 2012.” Not to mention Minnesota Public Radio “Talking Volumes” host Kerri Miller (she’ll broadcast the proceedings later on MPR).

OneStop sets up shop
OneStop is in place and functioning well, creating efficiency for all of our students. It’s a great example of how, within a single year, several departments could come together, go through a process redesign, and manage change. The plan is that students, through virtual OneStop, will be able to complete 80 percent of their business needs online. The long-term goal is to provide parental and alumni access to the portal, with access will be limited to certain pages. FERPA regs prohibit granting Banner Web or portal access to parents.

A glance back at spring commencement
The new venue – Amsoil Arena at the DECC – worked well. The sound was better than the DECC Arena and the atmosphere was festive. Commencement Mass was very well attended; the Commencement Dinner was not, so next year we’ll coordinate the various afternoon award ceremonies so they end closer to the start time of the dinner.

An update on giving
You’ve seen the progress on the shell of Science. Don’t forget that it’s never too late to help College Advancement with the final $800,000 to be raised. Get an early start on the faculty-staff campaign! Click here.

A seat at the table
The president and vice president of Student Senate have joined faculty and staff leadership in attending one President’s Staff meeting per semester. They’ll also serve as members of President’s Leadership Group.

The high note’s gone
So what do you think of the new version of “Vivat St. Scholastica”? It’s easier to sing and seems to be going over well so far. Check it out.

The Last Word
President’s Staff starts every meeting with a prayer or spiritual reflection. Lori Collard offered this at the start of the academic year:

We thank you for the opportunity and trust you have bestowed on our President’s Staff team as we begin this upcoming school year, and we ask that you bless the faculty, the staff, the students, and the families who have entrusted us with these students.

We pray that our St. Scholastica campuses will be lively centers for sound learning, new discovery, the pursuit of wisdom and the building of community; grant that those who teach and those who learn may find you to be the source of all truth.

We pray that you will continue to guide the President’s Staff in all ways, and that we will seek your will in everything that we do. Provide us inspiration and courage as we work to develop a strategy that will carry the College well into its second century of existence.

Help us to continue our quest as a team. Open our hearts and minds today to help us understand how respect and commitment will further strengthen us.

For this we ask…

The College of St. Scholastica

Community at St. Scholastica means that we promote a sense of togetherness and shared purpose. In that spirit, we offer a monthly briefing on deliberations and doings of the President’s Staff, along with a glimpse at what’s ahead.

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What's Ahead
The musical high point of Centennial will be a fall 2012 Mitchell Auditorium performance of Sister Martina Hughes’ “The Highwayman.” Some 50 local choral and orchestral musicians will be involved. Sister Martina was a longtime music faculty member, as well as president of the College from 1954 to 1958.
We’re lining up compost, bins, red worms, seeds and more for the “green” section of the new roof of Science. Should be gettin’ squiggly up there this time next year.